17th March 2019

Four lessons from T1 on….

1. Love…

“Your whole life is so bad if you have no love left in your heart.”

He can be a bit Oscar Wilde and Leo Buscaglia but it’s true. Keep that heart full little one ❤

2. Disney…
“I want to watch that film daddy told me about. You know the one with the witch, the bad one, who wants to get lots of doggies and chop their skin off.” (Stage note – lots of karate chopping motions to help me out)
101 dalmatians?
“Yea, I wanna watch that!”

Oh the Disney magic … 😂😱

3. Emergencies…
“Right baby. What would you do if you see mummy on the floor and can’t wake her up. Can you remember what you do? (I’ve been working on – find my phone. Passcode it then 999 and the green button).

“Give you a punch mummy. Then a slap. Then you’d wake up!”

“Okay great. Thanks baby. What if I don’t though. What if that doesn’t work. What would you do then?”

“Poke you in the eye.”

Oh good. Now I feel safe 😂

4.  Ageing…
“Grandan. (Aka grandad) You’re so old you’re nearly 100 and then you’ll be dead.”

Slight cringe but … “ okay bubs but what happens then?” We’ve been watching the lion king and talking about the circle of life and stars …

“You turn into bones grandan.” We’ve also been watching CoCo 🤷♀

This beautiful chaos ❤


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