January 3rd 2019

As I sit here writing my first blog post with one hand I’m playing top trumps with T1 with the other whilst watching a rubber snake fly around the room bouncing off walls, lamps and other inappropriate things! (T2 is making the baby (T3) laugh so I can’t complain too much!). These kind of things are the reasons I keep putting off starting a blog but it’s a New Year, new beginnings and I’ve just remembered I have a tattoo that says Carpe Diem – I’ve not seen it for a while under a post section pouch 😂🙈… I look back at 2018 – T1&T2 had chicken pox, we moved house and areas and started to renovate it, my husband left his job, T2 turned 1, we had another baby & became a family of 5 with 3 kids age 3 and under (and a cat!), we took a few holidays as a family of 5 – epic! My husband started up a brand new company, T1 started pre school and turned 4. Now it’s 2019 and I don’t know where that time went and I want to enjoy it all so much but half the time feel like I’m drowning and the other half I’m knee deep in nappies. It scares me and I hug my last born so tight as I feed him his milk telling myself I’ll never forget what it feels like but I worry I will as life swallows me up & I’m hoping blogging will be talking therapy for myself as well as a personal journal of my children’s early years which really go by faster than you can ever imagine possible.

Side note – anyone else have a pre schooler that just has to poo completely naked.. extremely inconvenient. Back to reality – This beautiful chaos.

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