25th February 2019


Over the last couple of weeks a number of people (including my husband) have asked if I am ever going to get T3 dressed out of his pyjamas. I’ve also had ‘He is not really a baby anymore’. I hear you. He is nine months now and, yes, he may be wearing what he wore to sleep in (& if it’s mostly clean he probably wore it yesterday too 🙈) but I adore him in a baby gro ( plus T3 when I put you in jeans and tees for kicks – you look like a real boy – Pinocchio was okay with this. I.am.not 🤷‍♀️) . He is cosy and comfy and snuggly and so in the words of Mariah Carey he will always be MY baby.

Apparently, according to my sources, even at 22 and 6’ 5” your youngest will always be your baby. This works for me.

T1’s still my baby too really and he’s four. When he’s not wrestling with daddy he will come, lay his head in my lap, for a cuddle and tell me he’s still my baby too. I know he’s a boy. I know he’s starting school this year and I know one day this will stop and he’ll be mortified if I cuddled him in my lap stroking his hair so I’m savouring every one. You never know when that last time will be and you won’t know until it’s passed that it was the last time.

So T3 you roll – but can’t get where you want to be. You babble – but can’t ask for what you want. You make grabs for everything – mainly my damn eyelashes 24/7 – but you can’t get it yourself yet. You’re rocking on all fours – but you aren’t crawling just yet. You are trying so incredibly hard to catch up with your brother and sister and I know you cannot wait to be on the move, chasing them and their chaotic fun, but for a few minutes more you are simply my baby. *EDIT* since I wrote this last week you have started crawling 😱 oh my! Another milestone reached ❤️

I know I’m biding my time now. I feel it every evening when I give you your bottle on my lap and you bat it out the way to see what your siblings are doing instead and so I treasure it as much as I possibly can. Once I stop baby gro’s as anything other than pyjamas (as well as coping with the emotions of this) I’m also committing to physically dressing you which will add time, I don’t have, to getting out the house and I’ll have to be ready to embrace the next stage of this magical life with all three of you on the clumsy move 🤪 and I’m not sure I’m there just yet 😢. Those firsts only come around once and babies just don’t keep.

This beautiful chaos ❤️


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