January 8th 2019

I hold my hands up. I’m mostly greedy. Bordering on gluttonous at times. I simply don’t get along with moderation or balance. It’s a whole chocolate orange or none. An entire pack of chocolate biscuits or why bother opening them?

I ALWAYS go a bit mental in the run up to Christmas, eating pretty much anything not nailed down… and when I say run up to Christmas I’m talking a Halloween start .. sweets purchased for trick or treaters, ones they got trick or treating -I’m not fussy 🙈followed by T1’s birthday, bonfire night and the real lead up to Christmas.

Then I ALWAYS start a diet in Jan. (I’m probably supposed to call it something else but, to me, it’s a diet). It ALWAYS has to be a Monday. So that was today. Goodbye chocolate orange for breakfast. No more Brie for elevenses. Adios to cracking open prosecco by lunch, more Brie. Takeaways. Lindt in bed … you get the idea.

Typically you’ll find me the day before, always Sunday, raiding the cupboards, ‘getting rid’ of anything that could distract me over the next few weeks. So, yesterday, I was eating everything naughty (basically tasty!) in the fridge and randomly three Reece’s Easter eggs which I really didn’t need 🙄.

Update … Completed Day 1 and what I didn’t time well was T1’s mummy morning before he goes back to pre school … so I’ve charged round soft play for more than 3hr whacking my head on countless padded bars as I’ve leapt up the stairs after him and thrown myself down slides and through tiny washer roller gaps (definitely not meant for the greedy 30+ post 3 kids amongst us) playing chase. Sweating. Also T1 wants a happy meal which he proceeds to fall asleep in on the way home. Now I’m salivating and sweating. The kids must have smelt my lack of caffeine and have all gone absolutely feral this evening with an after dinner disco and trying to wrestle them solo into their beds combined with a severe lack of sugar and calories I ALWAYS go to bed wondering why the F&*K I do it to myself every year 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔

This beautiful chaos ❤️

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