January 5th 2019

Let’s talk Sleep. Essential. Underrated. Sleep deprivation will kill you quicker than food deprivation and apparently new parents lose over 1,000 hr of sleep in that first year alone. That’s almost 44 days. If you’re crazy enough to back to back it thrice over that’s about 4.5 months just with their first years.

T1 was a relatively good sleeper as a baby bar regressions, growth spurts, teething and the usual paraphernalia of course. The last few months have brought change and with it night terrors, sleepwalking and awful nightmares and between 1-5am I’m mostly found lumbering back and forth across the landing between him and feeding or settling T3 who, at seven months, is still not a fan of sleeping through the night. T2, my mini diva, sleeps, for the moment, very soundly, thank f&*k! It took her about 7 months to go through the night and, again, regressions and illnesses aside she is generally an angel I am thankful for in recent months! Thankfully for him my husband is deaf in one ear and has to sleep with his good ear down or he’ll have nightmares… or so he tells me … 😂🤔

BC (before children) I was the last one standing at any party. Take house parties – my husband would take himself to bed in the small hours and I’d host till the end making teas for the stragglers as the sun came up. I was a massive FOMO and a firm believer that ‘no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep’ I even posted to that effect at the time… little.did.i.know 😂

Fast forward four years… I took my first EVER coffee only two months ago and I’m pretty sure I’m now almost entirely fuelled by caramel lattes and on first name terms and double air kisses with the local barista ☕️🤷🏼‍♀️ and I can’t actually remember the last time I had ‘plenty’ of sleep. We live and we learn eh..

To everyone out there coping with sleep deprivation… hang in there 🙌

This beautiful chaos ❤️

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