Hi and welcome to ‘This Beautiful Chaos’. My name is Emma Tye and I live in sunny Southend with my husband, Nick, our three tiny terrors and our little kitty. With only three years separating them all we have T1 – 4 years old and a crazy, emotional, snack and Mario obsessed loon. T2 – almost 2 years old sassy, cheeky, a trampoline fanatic and book loving diva. T3 – almost 10 months old. Simply the smiling insomniac.

I started blogging earlier this year (2019) as a talking therapy for myself as well as an early years journal for the moments I know I will surely miss in years to come. It’s my honest view on the impact becoming a mum has had on me, peaks and pits and everything in between.

Thank you for visiting my new site. Jump onboard and we can muddle through ‘This Beautiful Chaos’ together.

Love Emma x